HELVHET, an acronym for Helvetic History of Economic Thought, is the name of a new network of scholars working on the history of economic knowledge, the economics profession, economic expertise and institutions in Switzerland and beyond.

This initiative was born after a few attendees of the last HISRECO conference in Luzern realised that there were several people working in Switzerland and abroad on the above-mentioned topics at Swiss institutions.

In practice, the first step of HELVHET is a mailing list

• to connect existing networks and to create a forum for discussing the history of economic thought and economic practices in Switzerland

• to share relevant academic information and news about seminars, job offers and grants, call for papers, conferences and research projects either related to Switzerland or taking place in Switzerland.

We hope to stimulate contacts among historians of economics, economic historians, STS scholars, historians of science, economists, sociologists… and everyone interested in HELVHET.


To join the mailing list please send an empty mail to sympa@unil.ch with the following subject “subscribe HELVHET your_first_name your_last_name”

Or just send an email (François.allisson@unil.ch, cleo.chassonnery-zaigouche@unil.ch, federico.donofrio@unil.ch).